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PADAMSHRI is an Indian Dairy Industry’s manufacturing group with a long historic background and has successfully maintained an innovative spirit since its founding in 1954 from loose milk supply. PADAMSHRI under Harbansh Lal Foods Pvt. Ltd. since 2004 is the manufacturer of Milk Powder, Ghee, Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, FCMP,IFCMP. Today it is recognized as the leaders in manufacturing quality dairy products in the country.

skimmed mild powder
Milk Powder  
  -Skimmed Milk Powder  
  -Instant Dairy Whitener  
  -Full Cream Milk Powder  
  -Instant Full Cream Milk Powder  
White Butter  
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skimmed mild powder
pure ghee

High quality pure ghee manufactured by using fresh quality of milk from Buffalo and Cow milk, has huge potential in Indian and adjoining countries market. The product is a Household requirement and has medicinal requirements. The product has a unique aroma and pleasant taste. Product is manufactured by Prestatification, Clarification method and is untouched by hand at all stage of production.

skimmed milk powder
Skimmed Milk Powder
We are offering High Quality Skimmed Milk Powder which is been used in diverse industries i.e. Liquid Milk Industry for Reconstitution/Recombination, Biscuit Industry, Chocolate industry, Muscle Building enrichment Supplements, Ice cream industry, Paneer, Chenna, Mawa. These are hygienically processed and developed in conformity with international standards.
Our product is offered at a very competitive price as compared to the quality to our Clients.  
Instant Dairy Whitener
PADAMSHRI Group has launched this product in the Market in consumer and bulk pack, and the product is manufactured by Using 3 STAGE DRYING Technology.
full cream milk powder
Full Cream Milk Powder
Instant Dairy whitener is manufactured from the fresh partially skimmed milk and by adding the finest quality ingredients. It provides the convenience to make refreshing glass of sweetened pure milk anytime, anywhere. When added to tea coffee it gives a creamier, smoother, richer taste to it. The powder is highly appreciated for its high miscibility levels that ensure no lumps are formed, packed in Inert Atmosphere using (MAP) modified atmosphere packaging Technology. 
Instant Full Cream Milk Powder
PADAMSHRI Group has launched this product in the Market in consumer and bulk pack, and the product is manufactured by Using 3 STAGE DRYING Technology.
white butter

White Butter
The white Butter manufactured by using Pasteurized Fresh Cream and is available in Bulk Pack of 20 kg and also consumer packs as per the requirement. The product has Natural Buttery Aroma and used in all Culinary Dishes, Ghee manufacturing, Medicated Product and In Market Milk Supplying companies for recombination Purpose.
Packaging – LDPE polyliner primary wrap and then in cardboard large box.

Free from Yeast and Mould contamination on Outer Surfaces.


We are manufacturing different Creams for different purpose by using fresh quality of Raw Milk and subsequently pasteurizing it as per the international standard. Our cream varies in from 18% fat to 40% fat cream as per the order requirements of our valued customer.
It offers excellent whipping quality in Ice Cream, Bakery, Cake and Pastries.

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